SWITCH: Residency Exhibition


SWITCH: Residency Exhibition


With Artists: bart fitzgerald, Jamondria Harris & Sydney Jackson; presented by keyon gaskin and Water In The Desert (August 19 to 31 - no online ticket sales)

Sliding Scale at door only


The SWITCH Residency Exhibition is a series of art, sound, dance, prayer, and performance events by artists bart fitzgerald, Jamondria Harris & Sydney Jackson. Each artist will share multiple times on separate days (detailed schedule outlined below) throughout the two weeks with a culminating late night speakeasy/juke joint/salon hosted by keyon gaskin.

Sliding scale, $10-$25. Free for black people.

The Exhibition showcases work created during the SWITCH summer residency program which offers artists space and support to experiment within and beyond their performance practices. SWITCH focuses on giving black, women and/or queer, artists 3 months of studio time to play and challenge normative and perfunctory modes of making and sharing. SWITCH was initiated by artist keyon gaskin with support from Mizu Desierto, WITD and Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC).



+ MONDAY, Aug 19th: 8pm
bart fitzgerald
- “ The Sweet Hour of Prayer
- Opening Ceremony/After Party - Legendary Mondays at Swift Lounge

+ THURSDAY, Aug 22nd: 7pm
Jamondria Harris
- percussive light

+ FRIDAY, Aug 23rd: 7pm
Jamondria Harris
- soil soft & dark

+ SATURDAY, Aug 24th: 7pm
Sydney Jackson
- Building with PDX movers and groovers. A Sharing.

+ SUNDAY, Aug 25th: 8pm
Sydney Jackson
- PDX meets PHX. A Sharing.

+ TUESDAY, Aug 27th: 7 + 8pm
Sydney Jackson
- PDX meets PHX.

-  7 to 8pm Conversation.

- 8 to 10pm A culminating sharing.

+ FRIDAY, Aug 30th: 8pm
bart fitzgerald
- “The Sweet Hour of Prayer”

keyon gaskin and residents - Closing speakeasy with performative offerings by residents & other local artists.



bart fitzgerald - 8/19 & 30
“The Sweet Hour Of Prayer” collapses performance and spiritual practice with prayer traditions informed by the Black Pentecostal faith, beginning with the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, California.

bart fitzgerald will pray, sing songs of zion, speak directly to individuals as lead by the spirit and respond to prayer requests. **Please respect the faith-based space and respond to directions as given by the prayer warrior. Doors will remain open to come and go to accommodate comfort.

Jamondria Harris - 8/22 & 23

percussive light + soil soft & dark

a 2 day performance process using sound & light to give the room a feel for itself/the feeling of (it) self as witness to rituals of breath & presence moving in and with the soundscape generated by the performance be(ing) embodied.

day 1: percussive light day 2: soil soft & dark

Sydney Jackson - 8/24, 25 & 27

This is an exchange of Phoenix and Portland vibes. Sydney Jackson will host three days' worth of open space and opening of the body. This is an offering with thanks to the PDX movers and groovers that have welcomed her in and the PHX artists that lent their blessings on her way out. Some of these folx will be gathering over these few days to engage through bodywork, somatic inquiry, and play. There will be a public sharing each night.

Sydney Jackson is a movement artist currently based in Portland, OR. She has had the intense pleasure of spending the last six years in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona. She is a mover and groover, a friend, a sister, a daughter. She is homesick, she is healing, she is trying to be patient. Sydney is a teaching artist, an amateur bodywork practitioner with more heart than certification, a reluctant leader, a good time on the right day. A partner. She looks forward to sharing the resources of this residency, in gratitude.

Saturday 24th 3 & 7pm
Building with PDX movers and groovers.
* 3-6pm Engaging through bodywork, somatic education, and play. 7-8pm A sharing. Open to the public.

Sunday 25th 5 & 8pm
PDX meets PHX.
* 5 to 7pm Guests meet one another and begin to build through bodywork and play. 8 to 9pm A sharing. Open to the public.

Tuesday 27th 7 & 10pm
7 to 8pm Conversation. Open to the public.
8 to 10pm A culminating sharing. Open to the public.

* Please contact Sydney at sjax417@gmail.com if you wish to attend to the events marked (*). Welcome and Thank you.

keyon gaskin


the juke joint scene from the color purple meets fluxus in a black queer bar with a darkroom, and stay up all night acting a fool!

keyon gaskin prefers not to contextualize their art with their credentials.