Butoh College Performance Series: The Future is Female (and trans and queer and in celebration of all ages, all bodies, all genders, all colors)

Maureen Fleming_Axis Mundi_300dpi_photo by Lois Greenfield.jpg
Maureen Fleming_Axis Mundi_300dpi_photo by Lois Greenfield.jpg

Butoh College Performance Series: The Future is Female (and trans and queer and in celebration of all ages, all bodies, all genders, all colors)

from 5.00

April 18th 8pm

MIZU DESIERTO + ANASTAZIA ARANAGA | Original Bad Unkl Sistas | $5-20

April 22nd 7pm

ANASTAZIA & MIZU: Student Performance/Offering | $10

April 25th 8pm

DEGENERATE ART ENSEMBLE | Haruko "Crow" Nishimura + Joshua Kohl | $15-20

April 29th 7pm

DEGENERATE ART ENSEMBLE: Student Performance/Offering | $10



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Sliding Scale:

April 4th, 8pm : YUMIKO YOSHIOKA: 100 Light Years of Solitude

Butoh Master Yumiko Yoshioka performs 100 Light Years of Solitude, the second part of her trilogy 100 Flowers. The work is inspired by Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude and explores a state of solitude through Butoh. Yumiko Yoshioka is a Japanese Butoh dancer and choreographer from Japan/ Germany. She is a former member of Ariadone, the first female Butoh company, which was founded by Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda in 1974. In 100 Light Years of Solitude, Yumiko dances the life of a unique creature, born on a planet 100 light years away from ours. Imagining that this creature is the only one of its species on that planet, it enjoys unfolding its life until it realizes its destiny: to exist in solitude. Yumiko says, "In my childhood, I was always fascinated by the imaginary creatures and monsters of fairy tales. Butoh, a dance of metamorphosis, helps me to explore this imaginary world, and make something invisible visible."   Website

April 11th, 8pm: MAUREEN FLEMING: Axis Mundi

Fleming’s critically acclaimed solo, Axis Mundi, explores through metaphorical images our search for transcendence whatever it’s form. This evening length work was performed in Italy’s Palermo di Scena International Festival in the ruin of a 1000-year old church and Spoleto, Italy’s vast Teatro Nuovo.

"There is an old saying: the body doesn’t lie… But that doesn’t really go far enough. There are times when the body tells a truth so deep that it transforms the way we look at life itself. With stillness, strength and the naked force of one body, Fleming took on the very essence of being.”  -Portland Press Herald

"Maureen Fleming brings the work out of the normal esthetic dimension of dance which does not even land in the usual theatrical narrative, but it sites it into a territory of metaphysical experience.” -La Repubblica, Italy Website


The Original Bad Unkl Sistas are taking this opportunity to each work on a new short-form solo as well as an improvised duet. Together they each relish in showing up with a minimal structure, an imaginative pathway, a mutable aesthetic and a willingness towards surprise. We'll take our chances and see what happens when we all get in a room together. MIZU BIO  BAD UNKL WEBSITE


DAE Founders and Directors, Haruko "Crow" Nishimura and Joshua Kohl never seem to stop mining brilliance in everything they do. Although their latest large scale endeavor involves Virtual Reality and the usual Large-scale production shenanigans that have become the signature of their cinematic and symphonic live theatrical works, we have asked them to return to our humble space once again, paired down in duet form. We have no idea what they are bringing, but are certain that you will not want to miss it.   DAE Website


Yumiko Yoshioka: Yumiko Yoshioka is a Japanese Butoh dancer and choreographer from Tokyo. Since 1988 she has been based in Germany. Yumiko is a former member of Ariadone, the first female Butoh company, which was founded by Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda in 1974. In 1978, she performed with Ko and Carolotta in Paris, LE DERNIER EDEN – PORTE DE L’AU-DELA, the very first Butoh performance to be presented in a public theatre outside Japan. In 1988 she met Minako Seki and delta RA’i in Berlin, with whom she foundedtatoeba THÉÂTRE DANCE GROTESQUE. This experience, along with work with the Butoh dancer Kim-Itoh, encouraged Yumiko to start to unfold her own personal style of dancing and choreography.

In 1994, she met JoaXhim Manger and Zam Jhonson. Together they founded  TEN PEN CHii ART LABOR, an interdisciplinary and experimental art formation, in which Yumiko dances and emerged as a choreographer. Since 1995 she has set up various collaborative projects across Europe. These include: “eX…it!, a Butoh-Related eXchange Festival”, held at Schloss Broellin; Gest-Azione, with Annalisa Maggiani from Italy; and indigo fera art productions with Rena Konstantaki from Greece. Yumiko continues to pioneer Butoh installations, perform and teach her methods internationally. http://www.yumiko-yoshioka.com/

Maureen Fleming:  was born in Japan. In her multi-media performances, Fleming invents surreal movement poetry with the discipline of a classicist and the imagination of an iconoclast and explores through metaphorical images our never-ending search for what is universal about the journey of the soul. After extensive study in Japan with Kazuo Ohno, co-founder of butoh, an avant-garde movement developed in post war Japan, Ms. Fleming went on to perform with his son Yoshito Ohno and to tour internationally with performance artist and choreographer Min Tanaka. Fleming continued her training in the United States as a scholarship student under the Cecchetti master Margaret Craske. In 1984 she became an artist-in-residence at La MaMa ETC in New York and has conducted residencies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, The Irish World Academy, The Seoul Institute of the Arts and The Juilliard School and is a three-time Fulbright Scholar. Connecting cultures and art forms, Fleming is renowned for her original form of visual theatre. http://www.maureenfleming.com/

Anastazia Aranaga: founder and artistic director of Bad Unkl Sista, Anastazia offers a personally developed style that combines a lifetime of performance experience distilled from a vast array of teachers and collaborators. She was introduced to Butoh through Diego Piñón (Butoh Ritual Mexicano) in 2002, and his teachings remain an ongoing influence and inspiration for her performance work. Other primary influences include Hiroko and Koichi Tamano, Sankai Juku, Katsura Kan and Vangeline. Anastazia founded Bad Unkl Sista in 2002, and has since produced hundreds of performances for local, regional and international promoters and festivals. Her Butoh-based physical theater approach emphasizes creative and proactive human development within our present-day social context. Anastazia continues to evolve her characteristically unique fusion of performance and costuming, foregrounding the pathways of transcribing and uniting outer and inner landscapes into a physical expression to reach witnesses on a personal level.

Mizu Desierto: Mizu is a dance-theatre artist, artistic director and farmer whose life=art explores themes of feminism, queerness, playful social deviance and regenerative land/culture. She is the co-founder of Portland’s Water in the Desert, a hub of numerous projects, including: The Headwaters Theatre, Prior Day Farm & the annual festival that is Butoh College. Mizu’s artistic works have been commissioned by The City of Portland and Portland Center Stage and her projects have received funding from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Oregon’s Regional Arts & Culture Council, Portland Development Commission, Oregon Arts Commission, The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition & The Oregon Cultural Trust. As an educator, she has worked as adjunct faculty in dance at Prescott College and Portland State University. Recently she was awarded her second fellowship residency at PLAYA for continued work with ÆVIUM, a multi-generational, multi-regional women’s dance project with a 20 year history of collaboration.

Degenerate Art Ensemble: DAE has shown their work throughout the US and Europe known for their large scale dance and theater projects, concerts, site-transforming spectacles and ongoing public experimentation.  Recent highlights of the group's work include a major exhibition at the Frye Art Museum in 2011, was commissioned by director Robert Wilson to interpret his work Einstein on the Beach in 2012 and collaborated with the Kronos Quartet in 2013. Also in 2012 Degenerate Art Ensemble was commissioned by the city of Seattle to create a massive site specific work Underbelly with Olson Kundig Architects to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Seattle World’s Fair.  The group's recent work Predator Songstress premiered at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco in 2015 followed by Seattle. The group's newest work will have its first performance at the Spotlight USA Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in March of 2018.   In December of 2016 DAE teamed up with Czech rock legends Uz Jsme Doma for an epic orchestral work inspired by the music of Uz Jsme Doma and the music of Degenerate Art Ensemble for a concert at the Archa Theatre. In the Fall of 2018 DAE and Uz Jsme Doma will join together for a 20 city European tour.