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Grotto Worlds

In the looming shadow of mass extinction, we play our liberation and healing. We’re here to divest from colonial paradigms and reveal who and what is hidden: dreams, worlds, and the unsettled dead.

This is a Community Performance Opportunity transforming the theater into an anti-oppression classroom. Through ritual, possession, and creativity, we will come to a reckoning of recognition and maybe… relief.

Unlike most contemporary theatrical experiences, the content of Grotto Worlds is inherently affected by each and every person present. We welcome your needs. We welcome your nervous system. We welcome your ancestors. And we welcome your feelings.

As this is an anti-oppression classroom, we will make space for grief in all its masks. Participants may be overtaken by a grief spirit. If this happens, we can recognize it and offer support.

At its core, theater points to a space where all forms of expression are safe. And yet, at times, we have felt betrayed by theater’s tendency to center product over process.

Grotto Worlds is driven by the magic that happens in the rehearsal room. Trying things over and over until they become something unexpected. Imagining realities within realities. Speaking the seemingly unspeakable. Nourishing the soul through full expression, full listening, and the unsettling of the status quo. This is why actors act in the first place, not to simply repeat something, but to constantly explore and wrestle with existence.

Saturday April 6, 2019
Doors open at 5pm.
The curtain will open around 6.
We will be done by 11pm.
This is a casual performance, meaning you can come and go throughout the experience.

Your offering helps support our work and expertise.
We suggest a gift of $25 to $75.
Please give something.
And if you want to give us large sums, we are happy to tell everyone... or no one.

Comfortable clothes to move in.
Something comfortable to sit on besides the seats of the theater.
Instruments and sound makers that you feel comfortable sharing for an evening.

Grotto Worlds is presented by Larissa Kaul, Jonathan PARADOX Lee, Grant Miller, and Dare Sohei.

Collectively, our work combines physical theater with trauma-informed facilitation, practical accessibility, and sustainable creativity.

This ongoing Community Performance Opportunity will be presented several times in Portland in 2019.

This performance may include blinking lights and stage fog.

If there are barriers to your participation in this event that can be removed or mitigated through planning, please let us know.

Some requests we can support might include:

—Designated quiet space with earplugs and weighted blanket (which would likely be the lobby or green room).
—Text versions of instructions or performances.

‪The Headwaters Theatre is a single-level space, with steps to most seating. There are two single-stall bathrooms with grab bars and no power doors.

We ask that you not wear heavily scented products such as essential oils, shampoos, soaps, and perfumes to allow access for those with chemical allergies and sensitivities.

This iteration of Grotto Worlds will not have an ASL interpreters. Discussions with the group can be captioned live upon request, and tablets will be available to type communication.


[image] Grotto Worlds poster. Text with cursive-like letters read "Grotto Worlds." Blurry purple and blue background. A small air vent. A masked figure with long hair.

[image] Grotto Worlds poster. Text with cursive-like letters read "Grotto Worlds." Blurry purple and blue background. A small air vent. A masked figure with long hair.

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