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Fabrizio & Cabriolet In: Water, Dirt, Breeze, Fire!

Fabrizio & Cabriolet In: Water, Dirt, Breeze, Fire!


Their accents are from somewhere in Europe. Their clothes are from somewhere in the 70s. Their follies are universal.

In this hilarious show, two egotistical vaudevillians—Fabrizio and Cabriolet—try to pull off their spectacular homage to the four elements. With physical comedy, idiotic costumes, and by generally making fools of themselves, these clownish characters will have you crying with laughter. The grandeur of their ribbon dance, “Wind,” devolves into a tangled catastrophe. Their “Fire” tribute is a slapstick disaster. The only thing bigger than their love of the stage is the amount of mistakes they make. Fabrizio and Cabriolet might hold a mirror up to the audience, if they weren’t so busy looking in it, and show what happens when our egos get in the way of collaboration.


Sept. 14-16

Friday & Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 2:00pm

General Admission $20, Youth $10


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