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*WITD Event || Faith Faucet Vaudeville Gospel

  • The Headwaters Theatre (map)

Vaudeville Preacher FAITH FAUCET brings a unique re-appropiation of the classic American church service to Portland. This is a non-religious non-stop creative service for the Portland community. Faith Faucet weaves comedy, storytelling, dance, burlesque, jazz piano, world class whistling, and low key aerobics for a full night of variety entertainment.


Faith Faucet is the alter ego of artist Karla Mi Lugo.  Faith Faucet was created 3 years ago, when Whitney Fliss a.k.a 'Reverend Whiskey Mama Mae' invited Mi Lugo to co-create a gospel service for a radical arts festival in Bellingham Washington called Sh'Bang.  The two artist started attending churches throughout the area, studying, taking notes, comparing services and investigating how these contemporary churches serve their communities.   After 3 years of running the gospel service and attending services around the country Faith Faucet has been traveling delivering the "VAUDEVILLE GOSPEL"  around the country.  Faith Faucet has lead this super fun and unique church style vaudeville show in theatre, bars, back yards, festivals and on the street.    The service is a creative counseling and questioning for the community, especially the creative community, as we move forward into this new era on the planet.