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Come witness this raw, ritual artistry.

Sip Tea with our Host Darwin Grey.

Mingle amongst a galley of NEW work by the “bone goddess” her self Haley Jensen 

Draven and Kennedy Verrett have joined together in collaboration on,

 “5 ft Under: Ashes in Bones”

A happening that can be described as and “active excorsims”

Working with subjects such as gender identity, body ambiguity, and matriarchal trauma.

This work combines elements of Butoh, Drag, Body Ritual movement and music  by “Mad Composer Lab.”

We cleanse through the truth

We discover through the primal

We know through the experience

Haley Jensen:

Haley Jensen chooses to create artwork like a shaman lives life, by “walking between the worlds”. She seeks to build bridges between the realms of emotional experience, dreamscape and reality. With surreal 35mm film photography, she weaves the light and dark, conscious and unconscious, visible and invisible. Her experience as a cancer survivor has deeply inspired her to bring forth artwork that lowers the veil. Through her creations she explores questions like 

Who are we to exist in this world? What does it mean to exist in a conscious physical body? How does that feel? What is a soul? Where does the magic lie?

Kennedy Verrett:

Kennedy Verrett is an innovative composer and music educator whose imaginative work can be heard across the music spectrum. Kennedy’s compositional vocabulary blends an array of music genres and philosophy, creating an authentic musical experience. .

Kennedy has performed with many ensembles, including the Monroe Symphony Orchestra and Fullerton Woodwind Quintet, playing bassoon and contrabassoon. Additionally, Kennedy performs on piano and an assortment of exotic instruments, including didjeridu and duduk and can be heard on various soundtrack recordings.

Highly talented and expressive with the baton, Kennedy has served as conductor of the Monroe Symphony Youth Honors Orchestra, has guested with a variety of groups from coast to coast, and conducts most of his own soundtrack recording sessions. This background as an orchestral musician, conductor, and player of orchestral and exotic instruments offers Kennedy an unparalleled perspective in the workings and abilities of a wide range of ensembles in the marriage of sound, visuals, and emotion. His expansive and eclectic experience, united with his limitless imagination, allows him to offer in his music and teaching, an incredibly broad pallet of musical timbre.

Draven Rose:

Draven Rose is a Portland based performance artist who’s work combines BodyRitual Movement, Drag and Vocal Liberation. 

Draven’s work pushes beyond  the veil of life and death producing imagery that is visceral with a certain tension and release that holds pressure, focus and captivates their audiences.

Through their creative research they have found their work holds a particular focus with ancestral trauma in relation to a deeper understanding of personal, societal and cultural identity. 

Draven believes we must access the deepest most hidden parts of ourselves in order to liberate our souls into the miracle that it is to LIVE.

“We must dance with the demons of our ancestors so we may make good with what has been passed onto you.”

Darwin Grey:

Darwin Grey is a queer witch occultist, disciple of Oscar Wilde, and host of Tea parties. He uses mediums of performance art and photography to satisfy a desire to create visual imagery to a past that never truly existed. Darwin pulls  much of his inspiration from the bohemian counterculture of the 1890’s to the late 1920’s.

Mad Composer Lab:

Stravinsky once said, “You have to touch the music, not only to hear it, because touching it, we feel the vibration of the music.”

By touching the music and feeling the vibrations, we get a better understanding of sound and how it relates to the art of music composition.

The Mad Composer Lab was created in the same spirit of innovation and curiosity that drove the imaginations of composers such as Lou Harrison, Harry Partch, Julius Eastman, and many others. We conduct sound experiments, explore and innovate the craft of the music composition process, commune with the muses, and explore new ways of enhancing the listeners musical experience. The music created in the lab spans an array of genres and transcendental energies and is shared in every consumable format for the people.


Darwin Grey


Draven Rose

Tuesday, November 20th 2018

DOORS 7:30pm// SHOW 8:00pm

$10-$20Sliding Scale

The Headwaters Theatre

55 NE Farragut St. Portland Oregon

A Huge THANK YOU to WITD for donating The Headwaters Theatre as a safe space for Queer Performance.

You may make donations to if you feel so inclined.