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Scarlet Sails Theatre presents: How to Be Brave

  • The Headwaters Theatre (map)

Sunday October 9th; 12pm only (in Russian); 3pm Show Cancelled


The company “SCARLET SAILS THEATER” is a Russian Theater. A main activity is the conducting of drama classes for Russian speaking children and adults. Drama classes, more than other art form, allows children to preserve the Russian language and increases the motivation to study it. The theater is one of the main carriers of cultural traditions of the language. Within it precedes knowledge about culture.

Russian-speaking teenagers are invited to be the actors in this project. Some of them almost lost the Russian speaking skills. The project helps them to improve their knowledge of Russian language.

We will put on several plays in Russian for Russian-speaking audience and some performances in English to get Americans familiar with the richness of Russian literature. So the American children are able to find out a little more about Russian culture and that establishes connection between our cultures.

All characters of this plays are animals, but they are acting like humans and go through emotions that are similar to us, the humans.

You all know how people in our society like to put labels on other people: this one is a coward, that one is lazy, sloppy, clumsy, etc. But this play tells you that a coward can actually be very brave and protect their friend. And vice versa, someone considered as being the bravest person, can suddenly get cold feet and betray at the most crucial moment. The play shows that we have to stop judging by appearance and by what other people say. Someone who is disliked by others may turn out to be your true friend. And another very important point is revealed in this story - courage is not a lack of fear, but the ability to move forward, despite all difficulties and fear.