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ParaTheatrical ReSearch presents: dreambody/earthbody

"dreambody/earthbody" (2012; 80 min. USA) a Paratheatre Video Document by Antero Alli

Since 1977 Antero Alli has been developing a paratheatre medium inspired by the late Polish visionary of theatre, Jerzy Grotowski, integrating methods of physical theatre, dance, Zazen meditation, and vocalization to access and express the internal landscape. For this paratheatrical experiment, Alli trained a group of seven individuals in paratheatre methods to execute a ritual choreography using movements recalled from their nocturnal dreams. What results is a rare and haunting glimpse into an asocial subculture of group ritual dynamics normally performed in total privacy. The group demonstrates a series of paratheatre techniques accompanied by Alli's narrative of his dynamic somatic process alongside with participant interviews, dramatic re-enactments of Alli's own dreams, and a lush musical score by his wife/collaborator, composer/singer, Sylvi Alli, who appears as "Naiad, a dreamtime entity.

Filmmaker in person for post-screening discussion

Admission: $5-10 sliding scale

Contact: Antero Alli

503- 299-4064



"It is remarkable how using movements remembered from dreams seems to unleash powerful memories and feelings from the unconscious. The participants use movement and vocalizing to experience these unleashed forces and one can easily see that they are surrendering to a deep and authentic kind of inner revelation, quite different from what one normally sees actors doing in a theater."

- David Finkelstein, (4 stars)