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The 8th installment of our monthly PostPostModern, PreApocalypse Variety Show. This month featuring WITD stalwarts, hip hop dancers, hand drawn cartoons and a variety of rap music performances for you all to dance to! 

Tickets are 10$ at the door, but no one is turned away!


Luke Gutgsell and Eric Nordstrom - (contact duet)
Stephanie Lanckton - (butoh)
Nolan Yakul Thomas - (music/animation)
Jesus Rodales - ( hip-hop dance )
Ben Glas - ( multimedia revolution )
Laura Blake - ( fierce fusion dance )
Dave Sheingold - ( birthday bard )
Cagil Harmandar - ( hand animation )
Morgan Goldberg - ( object manipulation )
Natasha Kotey and Benja - ( beats + movement )
Devin Cain - (silent film)

Hip Hop Show ---

Ben Martens Debut Album Release (ayyyye that's me!)

Abyss Infinite

Jah'di Levvi


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