Flesh and Stone is phase three of an ensemble dance-theatre project, developed collaboratively by Diego Piñón, the North American BRM Ensemble and Mizu Desierto's "Water in the Desert". The work will explore a post-contemporary relationship to ritual, performance and emotional/energetic states of expression through a series of artistic residencies; resulting in a film, performance and tour.

Butoh has always confronted notions of tradition, legacy and culture through innovation and rebellion. Following this seed, the work of Diego Piñón proposes a deeper and more authentic relationship of the human being to nature and to each other, training dancers to cultivate more energy and expression through the body, upon the stage and in our communities. Through creative collaboration the North American BRM Ensemble has been slowly developing and refining a collective methodology and aesthetic, coming together to train and develop work together consistently over the last 3 years. The ensemble includes 5 professional dancers from throughout the U.S., each long-term students of Piñón.

We hope to connect people with their basic human right to follow the creative impulse beyond any contemporary rules for art. Our work has a rebellious, even anarchic spirit, in that it seeks to constantly deconstruct social and theatrical conventions. Yet at the same time we try to regenerate ourselves through connection to our natural creative heritage. Our goal is to impact the way people value their right to engage in meaningful social practices that renew the individual and the community. We hope to impact communities through sharing a post-contemporary ritual experience beyond models of artistic, intellectual or spiritual superiority.