Mari Osanai: Noguchi Taiso (Somatic Water Body Movement)

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Mari Osanai: Noguchi Taiso (Somatic Water Body Movement)

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February 21-February 25

Mari Osanai’s workshop focuses on Noguchi Taiso (Water Body Movement) combined with the influences of her early training in Tai Chi, western dance methods, traditional folk dance in Aomori, Japan (her birthplace), and the connection between one’s thoughts and sensation of weight. Osanai’s approach to movement research and exploration begins with a heightened awareness of gravity’s influence on the body and the body’s connection with the center of the earth. Exercises in the workshop train the body to embrace its weight and heighten its sensitivity to move from its most relaxed and receptive state. Starting with images, such as washing the body with water, air, sunlight, workshop participants will discover the body’s vital energies rooted in its inherent hydrodynamics. Movement and form result as participants ingest imagery inside their bodies and allow the changes to shift the body’s interior. This work is both meditative and slow, cultivating a more relaxed parasympathetic nervous system. The inquiry is more somatic and mindful than it is self-expressive.

We are excited to announce that for this workshop with Mari Osanai, there will be 2 tracks available for study: 1 track for new students and 1 track for students with previous experience in Noguchi Taiso and/or a strong movement training background. The experienced track will begin to introduce more advanced Noguchi Taiso exercises.

Wednesday 2/21: Experienced: 4-6;  New: 7-9

Thursday 2/22: Experienced: 3-6; New: 7-9

Friday 2/23: Experienced: 3-6; New: 7-9

Saturday 2/24 New: 10-1; Experienced: 2-5

Sunday 2/25 New: 10-1; Experienced: 2-5

$225 for New Student Track ($200 if registered by 1/15); $250 for Experienced Student Track ($225 if registered by 1/15); $400 for All Tracks ($375 if registered by 1/15)

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*Due to the limited numbers of participants the space is able to hold for these workshops, we are first opening up enrollment for full track enrollment only. After 1/15 we will also open up drop-in, and partial scholarship/worktrade opportunities (which will be limited).

*All workshops are nonrefundable with the exception of requests made 30 days or more before the workshop begins.