Syzygy Butoh & Visionary Dance: Intensive + Classes

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Syzygy Butoh & Visionary Dance: Intensive + Classes


Please join us to expand deeply into the world of your creative impulses, deep longings, ancestral memories and visions for the future. What does it mean to you to move in a sacred manner? How do you access the medicine/power of your own vision? What happens when we trust the body to guide the mind and the mind to guide the body? We dance a hundred scenarios through our thoughts but the hundred and first reveals itself from the corner of the minds eye guiding you along the path. How to move into that vision again and again, step by step? Syzygy Butoh starts with the premise that indigenous belonging lives within the Earth herself and thus within our own Bodies. How to live/dance more closely with this Earth/Body in all of her forms? Beauty, Death, Grief, Praise and Transformation, relationship with all Her faces. Together we will approach these kinds of questions through dance. See you there.

Intensive:  December 2 & 3  2-6pm
$80 if registered before Nov 26th (online only)
After Nov 26th $110 ($150 if able)

Pre-registration for Intensive

Weekly Classes:  Sunday afternoons 4-6pm
December 10- January 28th (No class on Christmas Eve)
$20 class ($35 if able)
All 7 classes $110 ($245 if able)

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Nathan Montgomery is the founder and director of Syzygy Butoh and the MESA (Movement and Ecology Sanctuary for Art) Project in Ouray, CO. He is rooted in the Butoh lineages of Diego Pinon, Yoshito Ohno and Koichi/Hiroko Tamano. His work is deeply influenced by his practice of Native American ritual dance and both his teaching and performing are rooted in an intimacy with the wild in Nature. He believes in dance as a way to touch our indigenous soul as an expression of wholeness in response to the destitution of culture in modern times. His work has been showcased in Mexico, Hawaii, Japan and in many US cities. He has taught Butoh as adjunct faculty at Prescott College and Naropa University and as a guest artist at numerous university and residency programs. His work is focused each year in the MESA Project where he hosts, teaches and performs a “Butoh Camp” and residency in rural Colorado. The MESA is centered on our relationship with the earth and our own wild, creative souls as understood through individual and group Butoh and Ritual Dance practice in Nature.

Contact Nathan 303-656-0535