Mushimaru Fujieda: Natural Physical Poetry | November 25-26

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Mushimaru Fujieda: Natural Physical Poetry | November 25-26

from 103.50

Solo Performance: Friday, November 24, 8PM

Workshop: November 25-26, 11AM-4PM

Mushimaru Fujieda calls the body of his dance work “Natural Physical Poetry”. In this workshop, students will explore movement in relationship to their breathing rhythm, which Mushimaru believes is highly individual and the most basic approach for accessing and generating one’s own unique dance. Through our personal expression, we will search to rediscover the playfulness of the inner child, free from more normalized codes of gesture. Mushimaru’s method is an effective tool for developing sensitivity as a dancer in order to both integrate and release the mind-body. This workshop is open to all ages and abilities as well as all levels of experience of movement and dance. Come join us to explore our own natural poetry through motion.

Exercises include:

  1. Controlling the mind-body through the breath
  2. Exercises to prepare and focus the mind-body
  3. Breath-Walking
  4. Vocalization: using the voice as an extension of the breath
  5. Facial Expression
  6. Exercises to link the breath with movement
  7. Somatic Meditation

Cost If registered after 11/15

  • $190 for both days + performance
  • $180 for both days workshop only
  • $110 for one day + performance
  • $100 for one day workshop only



If registered by 11/15:

Mushimaru Fujieda has held workshops for more than 20 years in Japan, Europe, South Korea, New York, China, Taiwan, Phillipines, Hong Kong and India. He refers to his body of work as an expression of Natural Physical Poetry (Tennen Nikutai Shi). This name came to him after an important exchange and collaboration with Allen Ginsberg. Besides his international dance work, Mushimaru has worked as an actor, scriptwriter, producer, writer and director since 1972.