Butoh, Noguchi Taiso & Beyond with Mizu Desierto & Stephanie Lanckton


Butoh, Noguchi Taiso & Beyond with Mizu Desierto & Stephanie Lanckton


Wednesdays, May 17 through July 5    7-9pm

in the WATERLINE STUDIO 55 NE Farragut St. Door #4 (entrance at the front of the building. We May occasionally move class to the Theatre and will leave a sign on the Waterline door when doing so).

This 8 week class series will explore the movement practices of Butoh and Noguchi Taiso, from their roots to their contemporary evolutions. Students of all skill levels and ability are encouraged to attend. Mizu and Stephanie bring decades of movement training to their teaching. Students discover a movement research space that seeks a balance between freedom and care, instruction and improv, wildness and focus. 

Classes will be $15 drop-in at the door, or $80 for the whole series (register here). 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

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How can we utilize the processes of stillness, tension, confrontation and change to enliven our practices in the studio and on the stage? Drawing on concepts from Butoh, Contemplative Dance Practice and Improvisation– this workshop will introduce a variety of scores and practices for nimbly navigating primal, subconscious and playful states within a supportive group environment. The work utilizes both voice and physicality to generate energy and create heightened states of awareness/being/expression. Not only will we look at how to create EXTRAORDINARY moments in our performances, but also how to work within the realms of the MUNDANE in more engaged ways. This work generates a more vital connection with present time, place, ourselves and each other.

Noguchi Taiso is a movement practice developed by Michizo Noguchi (1914-1998) which creates vitality and energy. We examine the relationship between our watery bodies and gravity- giving our weight to the earth, receiving the earth. Each class will begin deep inside of the body and move out to our collective classroom environment, our planet and our cosmos, guided by spirals, water, vibrations and our own intuition. This class is geared to develop physical body, imagination, relationship, concentration and sensitivity, allowing infinite possibilities in our dancing. 

Water In The Desert is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment. People of all ability levels and states of consciousness are encouraged to attend. That said, much of this work is built around exploring extreme states of natural and emotional energy. Participants are encouraged to take care of themselves in the work, and any questions can be directed to mizu@witd.org . We look forward to moving with you!!!